FSMA Flagged Brokers

Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)

The FSMA’s status is that of an autonomous public institution. This means that it was established by law and that it carries out independently the tasks in the general interest entrusted to it by Parliament. The members of the FSMA’s governing bodies are appointed by Royal Decree for a period of six years.

The FSMA, alongside the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), supervises the Belgian financial sector. The FSMA’s competences fall within the following six domains:

  • surveillance of the financial markets and supervision of the financial information disseminated by companies,
  • supervision of compliance with conduct of business rules,
  • product supervision,
  • supervision of financial service providers and intermediaries,
  • supervision of supplementary pensions, and
  • contribution to improving financial education.

Stay Away from Unregulated Brokers

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has, on several occasions, warned the public against the activities of various companies that are operating unlawfully in Belgium. 

The list includes:

  • companies that offer, in or from Belgium, financial services and products without complying with Belgian financial legislation (no authorization / failure to publish a prospectus / etc.);
  • companies about which, in addition to any infringements of the financial legislation and regulations the FSMA supervises, the latter has identified serious evidence of investment fraud;

Brokers flagged by Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)

Cryptosaving (cryptosavings.io)

Concept Blue (concept-blue.com), clone of a licensed company

Capital Professional Reserve (cp-r.net), clone of a licensed company

Brokeragea (brokeragea.com)

Pegasus Invest (pegasus-invest.com)

Ozon F Corporation (ozonfcorporation.bond)

Marketsi (marketsi.co.uk) clone of a licensed company

MarketsEu (marketseu.com and marketseufx.com)

Ladson Capital (ladson-capital.com)

Kirther Investment (kirtherinvestments.com and wkirtherinvestment.com)

Kiplar (fr.kiplar.com and kiplar.org)

Invesdo (invesdo.io), clone of a licensed company

Europa Trade Capital (europatradecapital.com)

Ejmarkets (ejmarkets.com)

Dcmgroup (dcmgroup.io)

CTmatador (ctmatador.com and platform.ctmatador-pro.com)

FundsProMax (fundspromax.com)

Fortexo (fortexo.co)

FinoTrend (finotrend.com)

Crpmarkets (crpmarkets.com)

CoinsBanking (coinsbanking.com)

Capital Of Focus (capitaloffocus.com)

Btc-Markets (btc-markets.com)

BrownFinance (b-finances.com)

Bitreserve (bitreserve.cc), clone of a licensed company

AssetShot (assetshot.com)

AlfaPrime-Markets (alfaprime-markets.com)

Advantium Limited (advantiumlimited.com)

Vnsmart (vnsmart.com)

TradingFX Global (tradingfxglobal.com)

The Investment Center (investmentcenter.co.uk and investmentcenter.com)

SwissMarket(s)fx (swissmarketfx.com)

Nofico Bank (noficogroup.org)

Nieuwlening (nieuwlening.com)

Mzava Finance (mzava-financial.com)

Multi Diensten (multi-diensten.com)

Shard Asset Management (sassetmanagement.net, shardassetmanagement.net)

Universal Asset Management (universalassetmgmt.com)

X-tradebrokers (x-tradebrokers.com)

Word Wide Brokers (worldwidebrokers.co)

World Markets (worldmarkets.com)

Ualgo (ualgo.com)

Trends Turbo (trends-turbo.com)

Trade Horizon (tradehorizon.com and tradehorizon2.com)

Traderhouse (traderhouse.com)

Towards Source (towardssource.com)

Top Capital 24 (topcapital24.com), clone of a licensed company

Ti-Gi (ti-gi.com)

Standpoint Finance (standpointfinance.com)

Soltechx (soltechx.com)

Slimhandel (slimhandel.com)

Oriontero (oriontero.com)

Lpl Invest (lplinvest.com)

LPLeurope (lpleurope.com)

Kardon Capital (kardoncapital.com)

Infinity4x (infinity4x.com)

Introtrade (introtrade.pro)

High Capital (high-capitals.com)

Globalxtrades (globalxtrades.com)

Glenrocks (glenrocks.com)

Sterlingspecialist (sterlingspecialist.com)

Status Markets (statusmarkets.com and status-mark.com)

Selfkings (sellfkings.com)

Sagatrade (sagatrade.io)

Sgl Investeerder (sgl-investeerder.com)

Rexwin Financial (rexwin-financial.com)

RachWin (rachwin.com)

Persoonlijk krediet (leningen-be.com)

Fxpoint (fxpoint.co)

Foxane (foxane.com)

FinsRoyal (finsroyal.com)

Euro Trade (eurotrade.co)

InGoInvest (ingoinvest.com)

Impressive Area (impressivearea.com)

Igc Markets (igcmarkets.com), clone of a licensed company

Holding Partners (holding-partners.com)

Luxury Capitals (luxury-capitals.com and luxurycapitals.com)

Livetradingfx (livetradingfx.com)

Lite Gap (litegap.com)

Liquidspro (liquidspro.com)

4x-Trade (4x-trade.net and 4x-trade.com

24xForex (24xforex.com)

Allied Indices International (alliedindicesinternational.com)

Alpes Trading (alpes-trading.com)

Krediet Prestito (krediet-prestito.com)

Katel Finance (katel-finance.com)

Ifcr Services (ifcrservices.com)

Idealus Krediet Bank (idealus-krediet.com)

Unitec Global Finance LTD (ugf-ltd.com)

UnaKredo (unakredo.com)

SolisFunding (solisfunding.com)

Sofina Invest Groupe (sofina-invest-groupe.com)

Apex500 (apex-500.com)

Antarimarkets (antarimarkets.com)

Agartha Asset Management (agarthaassetmanagement.com)

Zenicorn Corporate (zenicorncorporate.com)

Lening Zonder voorwaarde (leningzondervoorwaarde.com)

Lening Classic (lening-classic.com)

Legal Finance Global (legalfinancegloball.com)

Kredinel (kredinel.com)

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