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U Capital Review – Hidden Dangers Of High Bonuses


The simple website that U Capital operates does not seem threatening at first glance. The trap is set well, and it’s hidden even better. However, this company is a predator that is waiting to ambush unwary traders.

Our U Capitals Review will make an in-depth analysis into how the U Capitals Scam functions, what to look for in a legitimate broker, and how to recover funds lost with scammers.

Regulated by: Unregulated
Is This Company Safe? No, U Capitals is an illicit brokerage!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Marshall Islands (alleged)
Operating since: 2020
Trading Platforms: Web Trader
Maximum Leverage: 1:200
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Up to 100%
Trading Assets: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? To withdraw funds from U Capitals you must take legal action. Contact your bank, regional financial regulator, or our recovery experts for more information.

Holder Of A Fake Regulatory License

U Capitals presents us with a parent company Valep LTD. This Valep LTD is allegedly incorporated in Marshall Islands, Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro. One quick look into Google Maps shows a closed down business center in an unsettling dilapidated state.

This is not the biggest of the problems, as there is no registered company under the name of either U Capitals or Valep LTD in the GLOFSA company registry. GLOFSA is an independent financial regulator operating in the Marshall Islands, tasked with providing high quality service on behalf of the government.

With no tangible registration or regulation, U Capitals has another card to play. They claim to be regulated through IFMRRC, which is a fake financial regulator that issues equally fake licenses to fraudulent companies. This is a reason for alarm, as it marks U Capitals as a bona fide scam company.

Needless to say, neither U Capitals or Valep LTD have any license or authorization anywhere in the world. We know this since we’ve checked the databases of other regulators as well, including the FCA, BaFIN, CySEC, CNMV, CONSOB, FINMA, ASIC, NBU and CBR.

Scammers Don’t Choose Victims

It is common for fraudulent companies like U Capitals and Amana Capital to offer services all over the world. The website has been operating since 2020. 

Here are the nations where the U Capitals scam is most active:

  • Ukraine
  • Brazil
  • Portugal
  • India
  • Philippines

U Capitals success lies in employing Boiler Room Agents. These agents pester people on the internet and via phone, encouraging ever increasing deposits.

If you have already deposited with this faux broker, there are still ways to recover your money. Contact our legal experts via the live chat for more information.

Horrible Client Experiences

On the online review platforms, namely Trustpilot, we can see that the only people posting good reviews are from Review Seller Networks. These are paid individuals that post fake reviews to boost the company reputation.

All the real testimonials are very bad indeed:

“ cheater company and not giving back money, plz dont invest in it, they will ask to upgrade account […] “

“ Cheating business Please do not invest I am been cheated by UCapital. investing in forex market. We are helpless we cannot contact them their email they dont answer no phone number is given. […] “

“ It is fake company and no one gives reply no customer service,we cannot withdraw our money,the graph is made by them it is totally fraud .don’t invest u will lose ur me “

This sort of financial fraud can put a strain on any budget. For help with asset recovery, book a free consultation with our experts via the live chat.

Expensive Trading

U Capitals offers leverage of 1:200 for most financial instruments. Cryptocurrency leverage is set at 1:50. Leverage in the EU is limited by regulation at 1:30 for CFDs, and 1:3 for Cryptocurrencies, and U Capitals is clearly in violation.

The spreads are said to start from 1.2 Pips which is already higher than industry average. The trading app does not clearly outline the spreads, and we couldn’t check the validity of this claim.

The commission is set at 0%, but U Capitals swindlers use large fees instead. The account maintenance fee is 5% of balance, charged monthly after 6 months. Withdrawal fee is 5% as well, and there are no free withdrawal options.

Problematic Bonuses

As you will see, each account type is allocated a certain amount of deposit bonus. U Capitals does not allow withdrawals unless certain conditions are met. One of these are the trading volume requirements, dependent on the allotted bonus.

For each $1 000 worth of bonus, the trading volume requirement is higher by $10 000 000! Many financial regulators have banned bonuses outright because of this sort of predatory practices.

Overall Trading Features

Although some of the offers on the U Capitals platform seem attractive, you should never trust unregulated companies. Many of the trading features found on are a case of false advertising.

False advertising is a common strategy used by scammers. For a more reliable experience, choose legitimate companies like Titan Invest instead.

Web Trader As A Platform Of Choice

The main trading platform with U Capitals is the Web Trader software. This sort of app is run through the web browser, and does not require any installation. Many traders have complained about the data tampering on behalf of U Capitals, which made their trades unprofitable, draining the account deposits.

Without reliable software like MT4, cTrader or MT5, swindlers have their hands free to do whatever they want with market data.

Malicious Mobile App

The website of U Capitals advertises a platform for mobile users, called XCritical Black. This app is allegedly compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The links that should lead to separate download pages to App Store and Google Play both lead to App Store. The app doesn’t have a large number of downloads, and it doesn’t boast a high rating.

Trading Instruments Overview

The only similarities between U Capitals and regulated brokers are reflected in the availability of the trading instruments. The most popular selections are covered, and some niche examples.

Here is an overview of different speculation opportunities:

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Ripple)
  • Stocks (Gazprom, IBM, Novavax, Virgin Galactic Holdings)
  • Indices (Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei, Dow Jones)
  • Commodities (Brent, Natural Gas, Palladium, Platinum, Gold)

Tiered Trading Accounts

U Capitals offers tiered accounts, which are indicative of fraudulent companies. Not only do higher tiers cost exponentially more, they include larger bonuses too. Of course, there is no demo.

Here’s a brief comparison of account costs, and the bonus amount:

  • Starter – $250
  • Silver – $3 001, 40% bonus
  • Gold – $10 001, 60% bonus
  • Platinum – $50 001, 75% bonus
  • VIP – $100 001, 100% bonus

Useless Education Materials

U Capitals does offer some educational materials. They are online articles, and video courses. You should take any education offered by unreliable companies with a grain of salt.

These sorts of fake brokers don’t want you to become a good and self-sufficient trader, but rely on external management. This way, they can keep their hold over you and influence your trading habits and behavior.

Issues With U Capitals Withdrawal

As you have seen, the prevalent theme with all client testimonials is the blocked withdrawals. The Terms and Conditions are purposely made to entrap client money. For instance, an account with less than 5 trades will incur additional 5% withdrawal fee, and we have already discussed the problematic bonuses.

You shouldn’t stay silent and give up on your investment at U Capitals! Contact our legal experts via the live chat today, and start your chargeback process.

Nobody Answers Support Tickets

Customer support at U Capitals prioritizes clients based on the account tier, allegedly. In reality, like the majority of investors, we were unable to contact the customer service.

Nobody answered the phone, and our live chat messages were only replied to by a bot. Of course, the scammers can contact you anytime they wish.

In Short, A Horrible Experience

The only license U Capitals provides is one issued by a fake regulator. The company owns no legit license to speak of, and their business model violates many regulatory standards.

If you have deposited with U Capitals and now find that your money is trapped with a swindler, don’t give up the fight. Book a free consultation session with our recovery experts today via the live chat.

FAQ Section

Who Is U Capitals?

U Capitals is an anonymous offshore scam, owned allegedly by Valep LTD.

Is U Capitals A Scam?

U Capitals is a total scam. The company does not have any valid trading license. To recover assets trapped by U Capitals, contact our legal advisors and book a free consultation.

What Are The Trading Platforms Of U Capitals?

U Capitals offers a Web Trader for PC and MAC users, and allegedly offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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