OSC Flagged Brokers

Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

The Ontario Securities Commission is an independent Crown agency that regulates Ontario’s capital markets by making rules that have the force of law and by adopting policies that influence the behavior of capital markets participants.

The OSC carries out the powers, duties and functions given to it pursuant to the Securities Commission Act, 2021. The OSC exercises its regulatory oversight function through the administration and enforcement of Ontario’s Securities Act and Commodity Futures Act and administration of certain provisions of Ontario’s Business Corporations Act.

The Ontario Securities Commission works to:

  • protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices
  • foster fair, efficient and competitive capital markets, and confidence in capital markets
  • foster capital formation
  • contribute to the stability of Ontario’s financial system and the reduction of systemic risk

We do this by making and enforcing rules to govern the securities industry in Ontario.

As a regulator, the OSC administers and enforces compliance with the provisions of Ontario’s Securities Act and Commodity Futures Act.

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), one of the thirteen provincial financial regulators in Canada, has added Status Markets to its list of companies not to do business with, according to a regulatory statement.

Brokers flagged by Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

Self Made Enterprise (selfmadeenterprise.org)

Palo Traders Inc. (palotraders.com)

Gmx Trading (gmxtrade.com)

Freeportfxmining.com (freeportfxmining.com)

Binarium Limited (binarium.com)

Bitcoin Up “Fxplanb” ( bitcoin-up.live : fxplanb.com)

Bitcoin-evolutionpro (bitcoin-evolutionpro.com)

Bitcoin Era, “CryptoRobot”, “Sagatrade” (bitcoinera.com cryptorobot.com,sagatrade.io)

Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd / Ipcapital / Iprimecapital.com (intelligenceprimecapital.com)

Hc Coins (m.hccoins.vip, web.hccoins.vip)

Fdxcrypto / Xmarket Holdings Ltd. (fdxcrypto.com)

Moon Life Investment (moonlifenvest.com)

Winbitx (winbitx.com)

AxesPrime (axes-prime.com)

Quantrix Capital (quantrixcapital.net)

Apex24Trade Limited (apex24trade.com)

Eu Crypto Bank (eucryptobank.io)

Promo Leads / PromoLeads (promoleads.com)

Deficrypto-Profits (deficrypto-profits.com)

Focusfx.Net (focusfx.net)

MetaFxTrade (metafxtrade.com)

Advancecrypto.ltd (advancecrypto.ltd)

FinoMarkets (finomarkets.com)

Man Capital Group (mancapitalgroup.com)

InfinityCapitalG (infinitycapitalg.com)

True North Bit (truenorthbit.com)

Bitfargo (bitfargo.io)

OnexCap (onexcap.com)

Maxbit Llc through internet domains quotex.io, quotex.com

EliteCrypto Trade (elitecryptotrade.com)

Gate Technology Corp gate.io, gateio.rocks, gateio.ws

Crypto Trading Association (cta-capital.com)

Elitefxsignals Llc (elitefxsignals.club)

Crystaltradingforex (crystaltradingforex.com)

Cryptosolutionltd (cryptosolutionltd.com)

EagleFX EagleFX Ltd. / EagleFX Pro, (eaglefx.com)

Advancestox / Advance Stox (advancestox.com)

TopMarketCap (topmarketcap.com)

Coinrise (coinrise.ca)

Btc Convert (btcconvert.com)

Dgflex (dgflex.co)

Btcmarketcap (btcmarketcap.com)

Wrxst Global Ltd (wrxstye.com)

AlfaPrime-Markets c/o Mia Group Llc (alfaprime-markets.com)

Finmax (finmaxbo.com)

AMarkets Ltd (amarkets.com)

Po Trade Ltd (po.trade)

PrimeXbt Trading Services Llc (my.primexbt.com)

Cash Fx Group (cashfxgroup.com)

Ydfx Global Limited (ydfxm.com)

Eliux (eliux.com)

Intrex Investment Management Ltd (intrexinvestmentltd.com)

Bitcoin Mining Machine / Fivestarsnails.com (m.fivestarsnails.com)

Oliver Briggs (oliverbriggs.com)

Prime Holdings (primeholdings.co)

Tredexo (tredexco.com)

Crystalead (crystalead.com)

Pibexa (pibexa.com)

CryptoStreetfx / Fxcryptocurrencytrades / FX-Crypto-Currency-Trades (cryptostreetfx.com, fxcctrades.com)

Pure Cryptonic / Purecryptonic / Bvhn (purecryptonic.com)

Bitcoin Era and “Absystem” ( bitcoinera.app)

Ultimate-mining.co (ultimate-mining.co)

Vantage Global Limited (monetamarkets.com)

The FinancialIG aka The Financial Investment Group (thefinancialig.com)

Nittrex (nittrex.co)

Tradenix.io aka TradeNix (tradenix.io)

InvestXo aka Invest-Xo (invest-xo.com)

The Investment Center (investmentcenter.com)

Jet Capitals / Blockchain Recovery (jets.capital, jetcapitals.com)

SimpleFx Ltd (s simplefx.com)

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