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Alticoin Scam Review – Anonymous Investment Firm Promises Profits


For a company that doesn’t have transparent legal documents, nothing can surprise us. Alticoin claims to be a UK-registered company. However, such an anonymous firm is most likely present offshore and not in such regulated countries like the UK.

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced trader, this Alticoin review can help you understand the main flaws and tricks of scam companies. But don’t skip our detailed ProfiStocks review for more tricks revealed.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: Alticoin.org
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: UK (allegedly)
Operating since: 2020
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $30
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Without a transparent withdrawal policy, all your funds are at extreme risk here and you should apply for a refund as soon as possible. Contact our team for more bits of advice.

Legal info: Is Alticoin legit?

If the company is registered in the UK, it should be in the FCA register. That’s our first stop besides other Tier 1 regulation databases. In this case, BaFin, ASIC and CFTC.

However, upon search of this broker, none of the results were found. This means that traders can’t have any protection from this investment company. Neither segregated bank accounts for deposits or compensation schemes.

Who are Alticoin clients?

With their existence from 2020, they didn’t manage to build a reputable company. Traders are already exposing their illicit activities. Those scammed are coming from:

  • Colombia
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Sweden

Obviously, they don’t hesitate to rip off anyone. That’s why you should avoid unregulated brokers in general. But if you somehow went into their claws, get in touch with us for refund assistance.

Traders Reviews

Another clear warning sign is a few Alticoin scam broker reviews. Only on Trustpilot, there are already 5 comments and 4 out of 5 negative.

Obviously, there are many reasons to avoid the company. But primarily because they promise returns and don’t allow withdrawals.

Alticoin Leverage, Commissions, Spreads and Fees

The company doesn’t offer a transparent Alticoin login option. Instead, they expect you to blindly believe them. However, none of the investment conditions are revealed. Yet, somehow they promise up to 25% return daily.

Alticoin Trading Features

Alticoin website doesn’t reveal much information about their investment capacities. But considering their anonymous approach, looks like everything is absolutely fake. In general, companies investing for you provide you with access to your portfolio and investment options.

Is Alticoin legit?

Definitely not. The company is promising profits and operates without transparent legal documentation. This generally leads to many manipulations from the company’s side. Overall, knowing what diversifies a good from a bad broker makes the whole difference. To understand more, you should as well check up on our Profit Trade review.

Available Trading Assets

As mentioned earlier, this broker doesn’t reveal any information about their investments. Instead, you can choose transparent brokers with a wide range of instruments. Most likely you have some in your country with trusted Tier 1 regulations.

Account Types

With Alticoin scam company you can choose between 4 plans. Every single of those requires a bigger payment from your side. But of course, with higher payment comes higher return and referral bonus of up to 10%. It all looks like a classic Ponzi scheme. Nevertheless, the choices are:

  • Starter          $30 – $1.999
  • Professional  $2.000 – $4.999
  • Enterprise     $5.000  – $29.999
  • Entropy         $30.000 – $100.000

Mobile Trading App

To make everything even worse, the company doesn’t offer any mobile apps. But we couldn’t expect anything more from such a broker. It’s a poor company with poor features.

Demo Account

Generally speaking, the biggest nightmare of scammers is to expose their tricks. Therefore, trusted companies offer a demo account and transparently present their features. Yet, with Alticoin scam broker that’s not the case.


Important to realize is that the company doesn’t offer any kind of educational program. Even if they do, they are not licensed for it. Thus, it would be better if they had any general information where investors can learn more.

Alticoin Withdrawal

Here comes the most interesting part. The company claims not to have any fees. Yet, without a transparent withdrawal policy, you don’t know that. But even worse, they can make it up. Overall, that’s a huge downside of unregulated brokers. They can say whatever they want and inexperienced traders might fall for it. They don’t lose anything if they try.

Customer Support

Another key warning sign is poor customer service. This company only offers a few options. However, phone lines don’t exist. The only available contact options are e-mail, online form and live chat. But if you are talking about a withdrawal, they can easily ignore you.

The company operates from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM. Yet, the time zone is not disclosed, but most likely it’s the UK to make it more realistic.

Key Information To Consider About Alticoin?

Primarily, you should consider avoiding this broker. With missing regulations and legal documents, you don’t know who you are dealing with. Therefore, any funds deposited with this broker are most likely thrown away. Instead, you can choose more transparent brokers with way better conditions. In the end, you can learn about trading securely and even like the experience. Unlike with Alticoin scam broker.

Let us hear about your experience with this or any other scam broker. Our specialized team can give you in-detail advice on further steps, but most importantly about the refund. Because you don’t want your money sitting in their pockets. Contact us today and book your first free consultation!

FAQ Section

What Is Alticoin?

Alticoin is a completely anonymous scam investment firm offering investment plans with fixed returns on a daily basis.

Is Alticoin Safe?

No. The company is not regulated, they are anonymous and don’t have transparent legal documents.

What Is The Minimum Amount For Withdrawal In Alticoin?

The minimum withdrawal is only $1. But don’t raise hope about it. If you have trouble withdrawing money with Alticoin, get in touch with our team for assistance.

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